DPS Strategic Plan 2021-2026 May 2022 UPDATE


bel ieve



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3 C

environments these environments , our graduates wi l l take with them an understanding that the successful pursuit of meaningful ideas requires : we provide within our school district . From


Effective col laboration wi l l depend on your abi l ity to l isten with a discerning ear and express your ideas with clarity and passion . Communication is a two - way exchange . Listen before you speak . Hear what is behind the words . Craft your communication with purpose and choose your words careful ly - they hold great power . Know that your actions also tel l your story . Find your own voice and dare to use it to bui ld your community and change your world .

Seek to be understood and be understood.


Pursuing new ideas wi l l inspire you and others . Connect al l that you have learned in order to generate novel thinking , design solutions and innovate . Embrace the trial and error process . See mistakes as opportunities . Problems are solved by thinking about what can be rather than what has been . Seek and appreciate the beauty within each discipl ine . Bel ieve in your vision and give form to your ideas .

3 B

Dream, imagine and invent.


Approaching the world with chi ldl ike amazement wi l l lead you to new questions and inspire learning for l ife . Pursue knowledge as it provides the bedrock for thinking . Turn your mind to inquiry whi le pursuing your passions . Engage with others ’ thinking and question with persistence to deepen your understanding . Commit to fearless exploration of the unknown because it wi l l open doors to new possibi l ities .

Wonder and ask why.


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